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Rectangular Inspection stamps

O5   Rectangular  stamp  6  x  15 mm self inking £18.35

P10 Rectangular  stamp  10 x 27 mm  self inking £21.35

P20 Rectangular i stamp  14 x 38 mm  self inking £25.35

T45 Triangular stamp  45 x 45 x 45 mm self inking £49.65

Square Inspection Stamps

PQ12 12 mm square  self inking stamp  £19.95

PQ17 17 mm square  self inking  stamp  £23.05

Round Inspection Stamps

PR12 12 mm dia.  round self inking stamp £19.95

PR1717 mm dia.  round self inking  stamp £23.05

PR24 24 mm dia.  round self inking  stamp £26.10

O5, PQ12,  PR12, PR17  

 come with a cover for use in the pocket

these inspection stamps can also used as re-entry stamps

for clubs and exhibitions

Prices and Sizes  Of  Inspection stampsPR12  self inking rubber stamp, inspection stamp impressionPR12 self inking rubber stamp