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Our improved environmentally friendly Hide Id security stamp has more characters of varying sizes than the original  stamp and has a larger print area. It is also now a “Green Line” stamp, a carbon neutral stamp with body and packaging made mainly from recycled and sustainable materials.

Hide Id is a security stamp which helps to reduce the real and growing menace of  identity fraud with a handy, effective, inexpensive and easy  to use self-inking rubber stamp that obliterates sensitive information; - from your name and address on letters and envelopes to account numbers on credit card bills and bank statements. Measuring just 90mm x 95mm x 45mm it can be ideally kept near your recycling container - Think of all the time and electricity you expend on shredding all those sensitive documents to prevent identity theft or identity fraud,.

The Hide Id security stamp will save much of that time and leave all your paper in a recyclable condition, with identity protection in mind.

Bold, or unusual typefaces or papers, may require more than one over-stamping.

At £9.99 including postage the Hide Id rubber stamp is a must for a busy office or home where concern for identity theft is an issue.     

For identity protection you should protect identity and account codes etc with the security stamp that aids quick and easy identity protection.

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